Congratulations! On the journey of preparing for parenthood setting up your baby registry is one of the incredibly fun milestone events. And lucky you, the days of multiple registries or committing to one big box children’s store are over. Here are the days where expecting parents can use a one-stop multi-store baby registry that pulls from large box stores AND support small and local businesses and makers (like us!).

Keep reading for our quick guide on how to choose a platform for your baby registry. If you are looking for a more detailed guide on what to add you your registry, check back for our soon to be published “Complete Baby Registry Guide”.

Choosing a Registry Site

Breaking down each of the top sites for one-stop multi-store baby registries with what we love and what to know– its not always bad but its worth considering!


Babylist is the premier universal multi-site baby registry site

Babylist is the queen of universal baby registries. You can add products from nearly any retailer which includes our favorite those small businesses and even Etsy shops. You can easily install the brand’s bookmark and as you view items at an online store click the “Add to Babylist” button. We also really love that Babylist added support gifts to the registry including pet walking, babysitting, meal delivery, etc. to the registry options! Ask any seasoned new parent what made the biggest difference in those early days and weeks and it wont be the things but rather the people and acts of love and kindness and meals!

What we Love: The app and bookmark make adding items super easy and fun. You can quickly add items during a lunch break or late night insomnia session.

What to know: There is no single return policy and items will follow the return of the store they were purchased from. Users will need your address to mail items from the individual stores.

MyRegistry.Com is a universal gift giving site that allows you to register at multiple online and brick and mortar stores

Overview: also is a universal gift-giving site that will allow you to register at various online and brick-and-mortar stores. is highly customizable and allows you to sync your multi-store baby registry with those set up at other major retailers.

What we love: The barcode scanner on the app and the app as a whole which is easy and fun! I mean have you ever scanned a barcode? Its shockingly entertaining.

What to know: You can set-up a cash fund for group giving which is awesome but the site takes a 5% processing fee for this option which is less than stellar.


SoKind is a multi-site baby registry app that allows you to create registries, wish lists, and give lists.

Overview: SoKind allows you to create registries, wish lists, and give lists that have a much heavier focus on experiences, acts of support, and service as well as tangible gifts and items, and even second-hand items. The most eco-friendly and sustainably player in the game.

What we love: SoKind is supporting a movement to redefine celebrations in ways that respect the land, waters, and wildlife and refocus on what really matters. As a sustainability focused children’s store, we definitely can relate to that mission!

What to know: Some users have been put-off by the ongoing emails and requests for ongoing donations and giving after your gift givers have donated their time/ experiences/ acts of service (MealTrain does this as well).

Whatever path you choose we hope you will throw some love and support to small shops.

Wishing you all of the very best as you navigate expanding your family and welcoming a new little one into your world.