Holiday gifting for toddlers can be as fun for caregivers as it is for the kiddos. While the cheap flashy plastic available at the big box stores may provide a temporary wow factor, this holiday season you have the opportunity to share super fun gifts that are also impactful with your loved ones. At Marley & Moose, all of our toys are thoughtfully curated for the merits of child development and longevity of use for toddlerhood and beyond.

Toddlers are developing physically, mentally, and emotionally and having the right toys can help make playtime fun and educational! Below are a few areas of development along with some of our favorite gifts for your favorite toddler.

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

Toddlers ages 18+ months start developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with wooden blocks, small sorting objects, and pretend-play sets. As the kiddos reach 2 years old and above they will start building larger muscle groups and physical strength through more active play.

Creativity and Imagination

Encourage imaginative and open-ended play with gifts that allow your child to create their own reality. Assist with language development with toys that inspire communication and emotional awareness.

Our Toddler gifts encourage creativity and imagination

STEM Foundations

Sorting, puzzles, mechanical toys, and all the fun stuff. Playing with these types of toys requires logical thinking and problem-solving. Encourage trial and error learning and understanding cause and effect.

STEM Foundation Toys