The holiday season is a magical time for families, and it becomes even more enchanting when celebrating your baby’s first Christmas. While your little one might not fully grasp the festivities, the joy and heart warming feeling of giving and receiving gifts will be cherished for years to come. When choosing the perfect presents for your baby’s first Christmas, we are here to help you select items that are not only adorable but also enriching. And of course, built to last. Here are our best loved gift ideas to make this special occasion even more memorable. If your little one is a bit older we also have a guide for toddler Christmas gifts.

Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Wooden alphabet blocks

There’s something undeniably charming about the tactile and timeless appeal of wooden alphabet blocks. These classic toys offer more than just entertainment; they promote early learning and development. Our favorite set includes uppercase, lowercase letters as well as an image and word to represent that letter. The gorgeous pictures are nature inspired and truly beautiful and timeless. Each of these components sets the stage for language and cognitive skills that will be built through play in the months and years ahead. As your baby grows, these blocks will be used for building towers, practicing balance, and eventually spelling their first words. The alphabet blocks we love most (in Olive or Natural) are of the absolute highest quality. They are sanded to be buttery smooth and baby-safe, and finished with non-toxic baby-friendly water based stains. Which ensures they are safe for those little hands to explore and play.

The ‘New’ Classic Children’s Books

image of book covers for titles listed in paragraph below

Introducing your baby to the wonderful world of children’s literature is a gift that keeps on giving. Classic children’s books like “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” and “The Snowy Day,” have stood the test of time, captivating generations of young readers. We also recommend a few new classics including “Dream Animals”, “You are Light”, ‘You Belong Here’, and ‘The Rabbit Listened’. These titles we are calling the “new classics” that are quickly soaring as nursery bookshelf staples. Choose age-appropriate board books with durable pages, vibrant illustrations, and simple yet engaging stories along with a few larger hardback books to read aloud together. Reading to your baby is not only a wonderful bonding experience but also a crucial step in their cognitive and language development. Which are the building blocks for later reading and writing skills These beloved books will become cherished storytime and bedtime favorites.

Stacking Toys

baby on bed with ring stacker

Stacking toys are both fun and beneficial for your baby’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The brightly colored rings or cups can be stacked in various ways, promoting creativity and problem-solving. As your baby grows, they’ll develop the ability to order the pieces by size, a fundamental math concept. Stacking toys also help develop fine motor skills as your little one learns to grasp, balance, and fit the pieces together. Look for wooden stacking rainbows and rings that are hand sanded and stained with natural finishes or food-grade silicone stackers.

Pull Toys

toddler with alligator pull toy

Pull toys are the perfect introduction to the world of movement and cause-and-effect for your little one. These toys come in a wide variety, from animals and vehicles to whimsical characters. As your baby starts to toddle and explore, they can pull them along for the adventure. This action fosters physical coordination, balance, and understanding of motion. Look for pull toys made from safe, child-friendly materials and designed with smooth edges to ensure safety during playtime.

Choosing the best gifts for your baby’s first Christmas is an opportunity to create lasting memories and lay the foundation for their future growth and development. Wooden alphabet blocks, classic children’s books, stacking toys, and pull toys not only delight and engage your baby but also support their early learning journey. These gifts will be cherished not just during this holiday season but for many years of play ahead.

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