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9 Tips to Make Hiking with Toddlers Safe and Fun!

Hiking with toddlers, like camping with toddlers, is a fun activity if you are prepared and have grounded your expectations. When you are active on the trails, there are also added health benefits of hiking, while spending quality time with your kiddos. And just like with every area of parenting, you may hit the ground with success or it may take a bit longer to find your groove. We promise the joy of spending time together on the trail and hiking with a toddler will very soon be worth any hiccups along the way. We are onto our 4th kiddo on the trails and here are our 9 best tips to get you going.

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13 Outdoor Learning Activities for Toddlers

After many years of working outside the home I found myself a little lost on how to entertain a toddler while in a chapter of being home with him all day. I had worked with groups of kids for years and I had a toolkit but I needed something different in the belly of covid. I began to dig online and websites and books I found either required an expensive list of materials, hours of adult preparation time, or assistance of technology, sometimes all three. All of the things I was trying to avoid. Toddlers learn through play and the simpler, the better! Have you ever given your toddler a cardboard box? They don’t need expensive learning gadgets! I realized the advice out there was much about selling a lof of “educational tools” and whole lot less about how to just get your kid outside and learn from their world. So here is the guide I couldn’t find!

These ideas pulled from my years working in early education and largely inspired by our own kids’ interests and ideas are minimal set-up, inexpensive, and tech-free.

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