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Brittany Baron

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9 Tips to Make Hiking with Toddlers Safe and Fun!

Hiking with toddlers, like camping with toddlers, is a fun activity if you are prepared and have grounded your expectations. When you are active on the trails, there are also added health benefits of hiking, while spending quality time with your kiddos. And just like with every area of parenting, you may hit the ground with success or it may take a bit longer to find your groove. We promise the joy of spending time together on the trail and hiking with a toddler will very soon be worth any hiccups along the way. We are onto our 4th kiddo on the trails and here are our 9 best tips to get you going.

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13 Outdoor Learning Activities for Toddlers

After many years of working outside the home I found myself a little lost on how to entertain a toddler while in a chapter of being home with him all day. I had worked with groups of kids for years and I had a toolkit but I needed something different in the belly of covid. I began to dig online and websites and books I found either required an expensive list of materials, hours of adult preparation time, or assistance of technology, sometimes all three. All of the things I was trying to avoid. Toddlers learn through play and the simpler, the better! Have you ever given your toddler a cardboard box? They don’t need expensive learning gadgets! I realized the advice out there was much about selling a lof of “educational tools” and whole lot less about how to just get your kid outside and learn from their world. So here is the guide I couldn’t find!

These ideas pulled from my years working in early education and largely inspired by our own kids’ interests and ideas are minimal set-up, inexpensive, and tech-free.

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Sustainability Guide for New Parents: What to Buy New, Used, & DIY

It is no surprise that parenthood brings a floodgate of marketing and a whole tidal wave pushing the “stuff” you need to navigate this new world of raising a tiny human. And while we won’t pretend there isn’t indeed a big list of “stuff” that makes navigating parenting a bit easier, it can be done more sustainably, cheaper, and with a whole lot less stress than the big box stores and large baby brands would like you to believe. Sustainable parenting is no doubt another level of challenging, but the payoffs can certainly make the work worth it! Sustainable items are often the ones that last longer, are more durable, and can be later passed down or resold.

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Share your love of books this Valentine’s Day

Celebrating a day of love sharing a love of books with the little ones in your life? Absolutely! Books are an easy answer to filling in your love-themed gift basket, an alternative to plastic toys and candy, and won’t end up in the trash in a week. Just a few reasons we love books as gifts.

As a former early literacy program director and mom of four, I’ve hand-picked our absolute favorite board books and picture books for celebrating love and kindness with babies, toddlers, and little kids. Check them out below!

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How to get your toddler to play independently (without screens!)

If you are struggling to finish basic tasks, take a moment to breathe, or even shower alone because your toddler just cannot seem to entertain themselves independently for any length of time, you my friend are not alone. While some young toddlers and young children are naturally inclined to play, tinker, and read independently for long stretches, some kids need a bit more support to learn how to play independently.

Maybe your toddler has dropped naps and needs quiet time, or maybe you need a few minutes of quiet time to sip a cup of coffee while it’s still hot. Whatever your reason, we know that kids who can play independently are more resilient problem solvers as they grow and it is an essential skill to teach and nurture.

After years of education and working with toddlers in preschool classrooms and raising my own four very unique toddlers, I’ve come up with these tips to support your toddler to increase their ability to play independently. The goal is to find joy and confidence in a short burst of time alone that will stretch into longer windows of time. The results will be a happier and more confident kid.

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Stack, Learn, Grow: Educational Magic of Alphabet Blocks

When do you think children begin to acquire language? 12 months? 18 months? 3 years old?

Are you shocked to learn that language acquisition actually begins right at birth and even before? Babies’ first cries are their earliest verbal communication to their caregivers and they have been listening and reacting to sound for many months before inside the womb. Those early cries will faster than your tired eyes can blink turn into babbles and words. And before you know it, you have a fully conversing little one who can tell stories well beyond bedtime. The best preschooler stories come about 15 minutes after bedtime in our experience as parents of four little ones.

But back to our topic at hand, if you have landed here likely you know have curiosity about alphabet blocks, educational toys, and generally giving that little cuddle bug the very best start at learning and growing. Creating an environment where your little one is organically surrounded by words and letters is a wonderful. It creates an opportunity to maximize their natural exposure to early literacy foundations. And in turn will jumpstart a long and impactful journey of learning. A home library of books is a great place to start. A few of our very favorites can be found here, alphabet blocks are a complementary and rather powerful tool for learning and development as well.

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Colorado Baby Registry Guide

Congratulations! Your little rocky mountain baby is one the way! Now begins the fun of planning and repairing and setting up your baby registry. While there is fun in getting out to actually see and touch all of that adorable tiny baby gear, the overwhelming bright lights of visiting big box store after big box store to set up 4 different registries are a thing of the past! Here are the days where expecting parents can use a one-stop multi-store baby registry. One that pulls from large box stores AND supports small and local businesses and makers (like us!).

Keep reading for our quick overview on how to choose a platform for your baby registry and getting started adding items. If you are looking for a more detailed guide on what to add you your registry, check back for our soon to be published “Complete Baby Registry Guide”.

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Cherishing Tradition: Heirloom Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is a magical time for families, and it becomes even more enchanting when celebrating your baby’s first Christmas. While your little one might not fully grasp the festivities, the joy and heart warming feeling of giving and receiving gifts will be cherished for years to come. When choosing the perfect presents for your baby’s first Christmas, we are here to help you select items that are not only adorable but also enriching. And of course, built to last. Here are our best loved gift ideas to make this special occasion even more memorable. If your little one is a bit older we also have a guide for toddler Christmas gifts.

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Essential Guide for Creating a Multi-Store Baby Registry

Congratulations! On the journey of preparing for parenthood setting up your baby registry is one of the incredibly fun milestone events. And lucky you, the days of multiple registries or committing to one big box children’s store are over. Here are the days where expecting parents can use a one-stop multi-store baby registry that pulls from large box stores AND support small and local businesses and makers (like us!).

Keep reading for our quick guide on how to choose a platform for your baby registry. If you are looking for a more detailed guide on what to add you your registry, check back for our soon to be published “Complete Baby Registry Guide”.

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The Importance of Developing Language Skills in a One-Year-Old

As parents, we want to give our children the best possible start in life. One of the most important ways to do this is by helping them develop strong language skills. Children who have strong language and communication skills are more likely to succeed in school, have better relationships with others, and have better job prospects later in life. And you don’t need to be a language expert, child development pro, or find magical extra hours in the day to make a lasting impact. Parenting is hard we are here to help make it feel a little so with practical tips, advice, and mom-of-four-tested best practices and research for your real life.

So, how can we help a one-year-old develop strong language skills? In this post, we will go over the practical and easy-to-apply tips to get you started.

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